Monday, March 26, 2007

Bhoomika is upbeat

Among the many actress in Telugu, Bhoomika is special. The cute girl has managed to leave a mark in whichever language she has acted in.

In Hindi and Tamil, the language other than Telugu she is acting, Bhoomika is very popular. Now she is back in Telugu with renewed energy and hope.

She is cast as the heroine of the film Sathyabhama.

Srihari Nanu, a debutant, is the director. The film features Sivaji as the hero.

Sivaji and Bhoomika share a wonderful on-screen chemistry. Missamma was a testimony to their rapport.

Bhoomika in fact considers Sivaji a close pal. ‘Sivaji is a wonderful human being,’ Bhoomika gushes about her friend.

Sivaji too is very happy to be working with Bhumika. ‘Her talent is very special,’ he says.

Sathyabhama, which after completing a schedule in Goa is now in Hyderabad, is a romantic flick with the accent being on fun and entertainment.

The songs will be shot in abroad too.

Bhumika and Sivaji hope the movie to be a good grosser.

Madhumitha back in the reckoning

Madhumitha was introduced by actor-director Parthiban in Kudaikul Mazhai. The movie had a decent run. She had been part of several films since then.

However the young actress is back in Tamil with renewed vigor. Her long-pending Pattasu being produced and directed by Sakthi Chidambaram is ready to see the light of the day.

She has completed shooting for a movie titled Aani Ver, directed by John who wielded the megaphone for Vijay starrer Sachin.

Also Madhumitha will act in a movie titled Nal Varavu in which she is cast opposite a newcomer.

“I am happy to be among the films again. Hopefully I would continue to render hit films from here on,” she says.

Kamna in the right mould

Kamna Jethmalani has got one of the best suurnames in the industry. But that has not really helped her to get to the top.

But the compact and glamorous actress, who is said to be seeing a young actor these days, is not the one to lose hope.

She is always full of positive energy and always looks at the brighter side of life. Kamna knows that one good turn will help her to make her climb up the rankings.

Kamna is hoping that Toss will give her that all-important break. Kamna acts with Raja, Upendra and Priya Mani in Toss.

Kamna says that her role in the movie is pretty good and will win her good reviews.

Elsewhere too, Kamna is making the right moves. Kamna is also busy in Tamil. She is acting in a movie named Machakaran.

Kamna, with her petite good looks, has the figure to wow the audience. These days acting is more about presentation and body language.

Kamna has those qualities. So there is no reason as to why she shouldn’t succeed.

Shakeela now as a comedienne

Shakeela plays a prominent role in Vijay's Azhagiya Tamizh Magan. She plays a cameo in the movie.

“It is a hilarious role and I hope to establish myself as a comedy actress in Tamil. I am confident that audience would appreciate me in my new role,” she says.

Azhagiya Thamizh Magan, directed by debutant Bharathan, features Shriya and Namitha as heroines. Music is by A R Rahman.

Tamil actress secret

Mumbai: After Kuch Naa Kaho, Aishwarya Rai teams up once again with Rohan Sippy, this time for a sizzling Lux commercial.

"That's right," said media recluse Aishwarya. "Rohan and I have been friends for ages. When his name cropped up for the new Lux commercial, I immediately grabbed it. We shot the ad in Dubai and it's turned out really hot," the actress said.

Talk veers to rumours that Aishwarya has not been giving ample time to the promotion of her films.

"Not true at all! I've been virtually living out of suitcases, running from location to location all over the world, trying to get my four new films ready. Even then I've always made myself available for the promotion of all my films."

She admits being hard pressed for time during the release of Mistress Of Spices, and therefore being unable to participate in the promos.

"I nevertheless agreed to a number of one-on-ones on the film. What could I do if the press persons were looking for more spice than I could give them about the film?" she laughed, dodging all questions on her personal life.

Right now, she's all set to promote Jag Mundhra's Provoked in a big way.

Provoked is the harrowing tale of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, a battered Punjabi housewife and mother of two who is beaten and raped by her alcoholic husband.

"It's a film and theme I completely believe in. I suggested we get the real Kiranjit Ahluwalia, whom I play, into the promotional loop for 'Provoked'.

"As for me not dubbing my lines in the Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu and Hindi versions, I speak Punjabi in the original English version of the film. So, the Punjabi version needs no dubbing from me. For the Tamil and Telugu versions I've asked them to get professional dubbing artistes who speak in these languages. How would I sound speaking in Tamil and Telugu? I don't think Hrithik (Roshan) dubbed for the South Indian versions of Krrish."

Her last word on the bikini controversy in Dhoom 2 - "Thank god people have stopped talking about it. It was never me."

Funny picture


Namitha: Moving in step with the times
She started off by acting against senior actors like Sathiaraj. Times having changed, she is now rubbing shoulders with younger heroes.
The heroine in focus is none other than Namitha , who went on to become the glamour queen of Tamil cinema in a few years.
These days, the actress who hails from Gujarat, is in the company of super stars like Vijay .
Right now, Nami is acting in a film, which has Vijay in the male lead. The film, titled ‘Azhagiya Tamizh Magan’ has another heroine: Shriya of Sivaji fame.
The grapevine says Namy baby is also figuring in the latest film in which Ajit is the hero. The film is a remake of super star Rajnikant ’s film ‘Billa’.
Destination Next: superstar Rajni himself ? Well, your guess is as good as mine.